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Have you though about how well your mailbox will stand up to the elements? Probably not. We’d guess you haven’t thought much about what it looks like, either. Lucky for you, we have. The right (or wrong) mailbox can make or break the appearance of your home and landscape. Your mailbox stands in front of your home. It’s the first thing people see when they approach. An ugly mailbox is an eyesore, and a cheap mailbox can’t stand up to wind, snow, or (God forbid) rowdy teenagers. The solution? A precast concrete mailbox.

Custom Style

Precast concrete has several advantages over other building materials. The first is the mailbox’s appearance. A precast concrete mailbox can look any way you want it to look. We can even make it look like a wooden mailbox if you want it to. It can match your home or landscaping with the look of stone or brick. You can also choose from hundreds of color choices so that your mailbox will either stand out or blend in.


Another advantage that concrete has over wood and steel is its durability. You have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than repair a mailbox that blew over or came down at the hands of vandals. That’s something you’ll never have to worry about with concrete. It will stand up to the strongest gusts of wind and the most determined pranksters. In fact, our precast concrete mailboxes don’t require any maintenance at all. So, your Saturdays are free to mow grass, shovel snow, or maybe even sneak in a round of golf.

Environmental Impact

Precast concrete is more eco-friendly than other materials. The materials used to make our concrete are all natural and readily available just about anywhere. That means reduced pollution caused by transportation of raw materials. Your concrete mailbox will last a lifetime. That means less material that winds up in a landfill. In fact, concrete recycles. Responsible builders crush and re-use concrete as base material in road beds or other construction projects. Concrete also creates less construction waste than other materials when workers meet building specs during manufacturing.

The Ultimate Concrete

Finally, precast concrete has several distinct advantages over concrete that’s poured onsite. First, quality can be monitored and controlled much more easily. A casting environment makes the concrete easier to mix to exacting standards and cure. Weather won’t affect processes inside a casting facility, so technicians can pour concrete any time at the ideal temperature. In fact, workers often heat concrete to speed curing and increase strength. Installation is easier, as well, because the precast components are already cured and ready to support weight. Since the mixing, pouring, and curing stages are so tightly controlled, the final product is as durable as possible. That makes precast concrete as good as concrete gets.

Precast concrete has many advantages over conventional concrete and other traditional materials for mailbox construction. It’s more durable, more environmentally friendly, requires less maintenance, and provides hundreds of styling options. Wood, steel, or conventional concrete just don’t stack up in a comparison test. Best of all, when confronted by a teenager with a baseball bat, the precast concrete mailbox wins every time.