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We offer decorative concrete mailboxes to match your concrete walls. Our concrete pillars are used as posts for ornamental iron, wood, or plastic fencing and gates. Our in-house design team and form shop are also able to provide you with any other custom design or aesthetics that you may require.

All of these items can be installed by our in-house installation crew if desired.

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Although some argue that other materials are better used for bridge, building, and fence posts, the truth is that concrete posts provide a number of unique benefits that other materials simply cannot. This is because concrete posts are stronger and require less maintenance than those made from any other material, meaning that they are better able to do their job of holding up the entire fence structure. Concrete is also a more environmentally friendly and economical material because it is made from readily available and all natural materials. Concrete posts are the best option for holding fencing structures together even when the panels of the fence are made from other materials such as wood or metal.

Because concrete posts are preferred for their durability, it’s important that they are made through a process that ensures quality materials and workmanship. Pre-casting allows for increased quality control of the concrete during mixing and curing as it is done in an enclosed structure off of the job site. It also creates a more efficient fabrication process because the posts can be made regardless of the weather conditions. Enlist the help of an experienced and skilled precast provider to create solid concrete posts for your fencing that will hold strong throughout the years with little-to-no maintenance.

Harper Precast has provided quality concrete forms to Utah and throughout the Intermountain West since 2006. We have built a strong reputation within our industry for our quality workmanship and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for concrete posts that are aesthetically pleasing and strong enough to hold your fence in place for years to come, look no further than Harper. Visit us online for more information on the precast concrete products we provide. While you’re there, we also encourage you to check out our project gallery to see our precast work on structures in your area.

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