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Harper Precast can produce many bridge components, including bridge decks. We have the resources and experience to fabricate large and small precast bridges. Harper Precast is a full custom precast shop, ready to fabricate to your project requirements.

We have a 55’ x 325’ and a 50’ x 225’ casting slabs to line cast or match cast all bridge projects. We can produce:

full depth precast deck panels
approach panels
sleeper slabs
bridge abutment blocks
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Post tension concrete allows contractors to build bigger and stronger bridge deck structures through a more cost-effective construction process. The process of creating post tension concrete is an extension of pre-stressing. Pre-stressing combines the compressive strength of concrete with steel’s strength in tension to create an ultra-strong material for the construction of buildings large and small.

The process of post tension begins with pre-stressing. During pre-stressing, a grid is made from plastic-coated steel strands called tendons that give support and strength to the slab after curing. Once the tendons have been laid tightly to complete the grid, concrete is strategically poured to keep the tendons at an exact depth. After this, the concrete is left to cure until the curing process is about 75% complete. This is where the post tension process begins.

During post tension, each tendon is pulled tightly to a tension of about 25,000 lbs. per square inch. Once the goal tension has been reached, the tendons are anchored into the concrete and the slab is left to cure completely. This process is called post-tension because the cables are tensed after the concrete has been cured most of the way.

Post tension concrete is beneficial to buildings large and small for a number of reasons. Smaller structures such as homes benefit from post tension concrete because the strength of the material is able to resist the contraction and expansion of the soil surrounding them. For larger structures like skyscrapers and office buildings, post-tension concrete creates a more economical construction process because the structure will be lighter and in turn require a less expensive foundation and more economical fixtures.

Post tension concrete can be made on site or at a precast facility. Although the ability to be fabricated onsite is a unique benefit of post tension concrete, precast forms tend to provide more quality and durability. Call or visit Harper Precast online for more information regarding precast post tension concrete. Harper Precast provides quality concrete products throughout Utah and the Intermountain West.

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