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Harper Precast produces a wide range of Noise Wall Panels and Posts for government, municipal, commercial, and residential applications. Harper Precast has installed the majority of the Noise Walls in the Salt Lake Valley. With the help of our experienced installation and painting crews, these walls have all been completed on schedule and within budget.

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Noise Wall Barriers

Although progress in our road systems provides us with greater access to the world and increased convenience, it can often cause discomfort for community members within areas near major roadways. With all of the new construction in Utah, noise walls are becoming more popular. Noise wall barriers are the tall concrete walls you see on the sides of major roadways that block the loud noise of vehicles from reaching nearby homes. Concrete is used to build these structures because it can be made to form shapes that are thick and solid enough to effectively absorb noise. Modern roadways also take advantage of concrete’s flexibility by imprinting unique designs that make the structures more appealing.

Because we rely upon concrete noise wall barriers for their thick and solid structure, it is important that quality workmanship is used in fabricating the materials used to create them. Precast allows for complete quality control during the mixing and curing processes to ensure that the resulting noise wall can effectively block the noise pollution. Precast facilities achieve this because rather than creating the barriers at an uncovered job site, they fabricate them in an enclosed building to protect them from elemental damage then send them to the job site once they’ve been completed. This also allows for easier installation and more freedom in design and job site location.

For more information on the precast process, call Harper Precast or visit us online. We have provided quality precast noise barriers throughout Utah and surrounding states since 2006 and will be happy to help you get a better understanding of the fabrication process and the benefits of choosing precast. Also, make sure to check out the project gallery on our site for more on the precast work we have done in your area.

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