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Box Culverts can be used in applications such as: Storm Drains, Detention Systems, Short Span Highway Bridges, Pedestrian or Golf Cart Crossings, Utility Tunnels, and Replace Existing Open Channels or Ditches

ASTM C-1433 Precast Reinforced Concrete Box
ASTM C-1504 Precast Three-Sided Structures
State Department of Transportation (DOT)

Apron Wall
Cut-Off Wall

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Common uses
Concrete box culverts are used to build a variety of structures that we come into contact with every day. Although their possible applications are almost endless, they are commonly used in the construction underpasses, service tunnels, subways, outfalls, bridges and a number of storage spaces and holding tanks. Because these structures are relied upon to hold large amounts of weight, concrete is the ideal material for their components because of its strength and durability. This is why you will most often see box culverts made from concrete.

How they’re made
Concrete box culverts are also completely customizable. They can be fabricated in a variety of sizes and weights to best fit the needs of a specific project. The most effective form of fabricating concrete box culverts is through a precast process. Here, the forms are made at a location off of the site then sent to the site when they’re ready to be installed. The pre-casting method provides a number of benefits that make for a faster and more successful fabrication process. One of the most advantageous attributes of pre-casting is its ability to provide complete quality control of the materials. Because the box culverts are made off of the site and in an enclosed building, the concrete can be mixed regardless of the weather conditions without causing elemental damage to the form during the curing process. Pre-casting is also a more economical and environmentally responsible process that allows for a number of design techniques to be used.

Finding precast box culverts
Close attention to detail and quality workmanship are required in the process of creating the solid concrete box culverts needed to build a structure that will stand the test of time. This is why it is important to select a pre-casting company with experience and skill in the industry.

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