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Harper Precast provides a wide range of precast concrete barriers including:

Standard 20' UDOT BA 2A
Half 20' UDOT BA 2E
Terminal End 20' UDOT BA 2B
Standard 15' UDOT BA 3G
Transition 10' UDOT BA 3J
Terminal End 20' UDOT BA 3H
( Custom lenghts available for UDOT barrier upon request )
Security Barrier
Custom Barrier
Used Barrier Depending on Availability
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Concrete Barriers

Where are concrete barriers used?
When most people think of concrete traffic barriers, they think of their use on the sides of major roadways. Although they serve an important purpose by separating walkways and oncoming traffic from the road, they also have a number of other equally important applications. They are also used to protect utilities and materials. Concrete barriers are able to effectively block sensitive wiring and underground materials from being hit by heavy machinery and forms on the job site. They can also be used to deter traffic, separate materials, and prevent erosion in certain areas. Because concrete traffic barriers must be durable to do their job, it is important that the most effective fabrication methods are used to build them.

How are they made?
Concrete barriers can be either prefabricated or made onsite. The process of prefabrication is called pre-casting, and provides a number of major benefits. One benefit of the precast method is quality control. Because the pre-casting process takes place in an enclosed building, the materials used are safe from elemental damage and able to cure under optimal conditions for strength and consistency. The enclosed location used to fabricate precast concrete barriers also allows the process to run more smoothly than onsite fabrication because the weather conditions don’t need to be accounted for in order to prevent damage to the materials.

Where can you get them?
Precast concrete traffic barriers save time and money throughout the barrier fabrication process. They are made of higher quality materials that ultimately create a stronger structure. Finding a precast concrete barrier provider in your area to fabricate and deliver your concrete barriers will help you ensure that your barriers will be easy to install and will stand the test of time without constant repair.

Harper precast has provided quality precast concrete barriers throughout Utah and the Intermountain West since 2006. Our commitments to quality workmanship and excellent customer service have helped us build a strong reputation in the industry. Visit us online for more information on our concrete barriers and other precast products.

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