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Our in-house design team and mold shop provide custom designs to meet your needs. Using vertical casting pits, we can cast custom patterns on both sides of each panel. We offer hundreds of color options, from single-color to multiple-color applications. Our plant production capacity, along with our in-house installation and painting crews, allow us to deliver your product on time and per specification. With the increase in the Utah population, contact us to enclose your property.

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Harper Precast enclosures provide attractive, functional, durable facades for both structural and nonstructural applications. Our in-house design team and mold shop create custom designs with vertical casting pits to cast custom patterns on both sides of each panel. This provides the flexibility to create a custom product that matches the function and style you are looking for. Our plant production capacity, along with in-house installation and painting crews, allow us to deliver your product on time and to your exact specifications.

Wall Panel Enclosures

For a large residential, commercial, or property enclosure, concrete wall panels are the most popular option. A precast concrete wall panel uses the sandwich construction technique combined with concrete walls to increase stability and improve sound insulation. They also provide flexibility in texture, shape, and color, as well as greater insulation and protection from potential fire hazards.

Trash Enclosures

Dumpsters are necessary, but that doesn’t mean we have to look at them. Concrete panels provide an attractive way to conceal trash cans and dumpsters around commercial buildings, churches, parks, and residential communities. Our custom designers provide a variety of options, styles, and designs to customize your enclosure to match the current style and complement the surrounding buildings. Concrete enclosures provide an attractive method to protect your trash or dumpster site while providing the utmost in durability and security.

Generator Enclosures

Protecting your generator is crucial to any home, hospital, or commercial building. Harper Precast offers generator enclosures that are both effective and attractive. Concrete provides an ideal structure for any sized generator. Each enclosure is customized for diesel or natural gas units to provide the exact clearances and air flow requirements for your unit. This permanent solution gives you peace of mind, knowing your generator is protected and ready when you need it most.

Gated Entrances

For residential communities, commercial complexes, storage units, parks, or other areas where access is restricted, Harper Precast combines the best in beauty and security with attractive gated entrances and secure walled enclosures. Concrete walls can be customized to match the surrounding area, and a variety of gates provide access methods to those permitted into the area. Gated entrances protect your property 24 hours a day, seven days a week with superior security you can count on.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our enclosures can be customized to any space in any location. From a small backyard enclosure to enclosing an entire subdivision, our design team and engineering experts can help you create the perfect solution to provide security and beauty for your home, neighborhood, or business.


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