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Personalized Concrete Signs

A client’s first impression of your organization is important. Make it one they will remember with personalized signs from Harper Precast. A personalized concrete sign welcomes guests to your corporate offices, hotel, restaurant, mall, apartment, park, or residential development. Our designers can help you create a grand entrance that makes an impact for any location. We work with private companies as well as churches, schools, and government bodies to create custom signs that are unique, beautiful, and designed to last a lifetime.

Experience: As one of the largest full-service precast concrete suppliers in the Intermountain West, Harper Precast has been in the industry for nearly 40 years. We have developed a reputation for quality. Many of our concrete products are on display throughout the Salt Lake Valley, the Wasatch Front, and surrounding areas. Harper Precast provides concrete products for businesses and governments throughout Utah because of their long-standing experience in the industry. We combine our experience with the latest industry technology to create personalized signs you won’t find anywhere else. Our products are designed to be professional, elegant, and impactful.

Quality: We do more than make signs, we create landmarks to last a lifetime. Each personalized concrete sign comes with a lifetime quality guarantee. Our experience and knowledge in the manufacturing and installation process provides you with the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your personalized sign is well-built. Each sign is designed individually, manufactured in-house, and installed by industry professionals to be maintenance-free and look great for years.  

Design: Your vision is our mission. We work with each client individually to create the exact look you want for your location. Our in-house design team and mold shop are here to provide help in producing custom designs to meet your needs. We offer several standard concrete sign designs as well as limitless custom options. From a small pedestal sign to a large monument structure, our designs vary based on size and location. Using vertical casting pits, we create custom logos, patterns, full-color pictures, or addresses to create a sign that projects strength and stability. It’s guaranteed to be noticed.

Cost Efficiency: A personalized concrete sign from Harper Precast requires no upkeep, no annual maintenance, no additional supplies, accessories, or repairs. We believe in doing the job right the first time and providing a quality product you can enjoy for years. With our quality guarantee, our signs provide long-term cost efficiency by eliminating future expenses.

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