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Grease Interceptors & Traps

According to the EPA, over 100 times each day a municipal sewer overflows. The majority of the time these overflows are caused by grease blockage. Harper Precast supplies hundreds of Utah’s most popular restaurants with grease traps for new properties, renovations, expansions, and upgrades to protect your property from sewage overflows. Our grease interceptors and traps can also be used in septic systems, storm water, or waste water systems, and any application to intercept and separate liquid, greasy waste.

A quality grease trap can be used in a variety of applications, but is most often crucial to a successful restaurant. Our grease traps are reinforced concrete vaults held below ground to separate grease from water before allowing water to flow into the septic or sewage lines. This process is critical to maintaining clear water pipes in your facility. Harper Precast vaults have superior durability, are completely resistant to corrosion, and are both easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Grease Traps vs. Grease Inceptors

Traps and inceptors are often used as interchangeable terms, but they refer to two different parts of the operation. A grease trap is a small unit underneath the sink. They restrict flow and remove 80-90 percent of incoming fats, oils, and grease. The grease inceptor is a 500-2000 gallon tank where solids settle, allowing the free water to flow out of the tank without clogging water pipes down the line. Harper Precast can customize your grease inceptor to adequately handle your needs.

Benefits of Concrete Grease Inceptors

While there are different materials available for grease traps, concrete outperforms any other material every time without comparison. Concrete provides unmatched strength and durability. Our trap design provides quick availability through manholes when necessary, giving you a high degree of quality control. Concrete is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or fiberglass, both of which may be susceptible to corrosion. Concrete is cost-effective and made to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

The Harper Precast Difference

Harper Precast provides a superior level of service from start to finish. We create a custom grease trap that fits your needs and your location. Once the product is complete, our experienced staff members install the unit safely and ensure it functions as expected. From start to finish, we make you are completely satisfied and your property is adequately protected.

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