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Catch Basins are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Catch Basins and Inlets can be provided with flat tops for concrete lids or exposed rebar for cast-in-place deck.

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What are concrete catch basins used for?
Precast catch basins are an important component of any gas or liquid flow system. They can either be used as a reservoir to collect drainage and runoff or as trap at the beginning of a piping system that keeps debris from entering. Some of their common applications are on sewer systems and storm drains, but they can also be used on a smaller scale for home drainage systems. One unique residential use for catch basins is to catch the water that disappears over the edge in infinity pools. Here, the water that drifts over the edge is caught by the catch basin reservoir and filtered back into the main pool.

How are they made?
Because catch basins are relied upon to support the weight of heavy liquids, strong materials are needed to build them. Concrete is most commonly used to build catch basins because it is the strongest and most environmentally responsible material available. Concrete catch basins can either be made onsite or at precast plant. Precast plants are able to build stronger catch basins because they have more control over the quality of their concrete. This is because they mix and cure their concrete indoors to keep it safe from the elements so that it dries to create the strongest catch basin possible.

Hiring a precast company with experience and skill in creating quality concrete catch basins will allow you to customize durable catch basins that fit the unique needs of your project. Look for a qualified precast company in your area to get started.

Harper Precast has provided solid concrete catch basins throughout Utah and the Intermountain West since 2006. We work with our clients to customize their catch basins to serve the individual needs of their structures. Call or visit us online for more information on the precast products we provide. We also encourage you to check out our project gallery and see the precast work we have provided for structures in your area.

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