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What is a Gravity Wall?

Fortunately, you have a near-infinite variety of options when you begin a landscaping project —you can turn a small piece of land into just about anything you can dream up. One option that can make your small piece of land feel a lot bigger, especially if your yard is on a hill, is a gravity wall. A gravity wall is a retaining wall that can be built in a tight area where there isn’t a lot of room to excavate. It also works well in situations where you need to access utilities behind the area after the wall has been built.

How Does It Work?

Gravity walls are built with massive blocks that use a tongue-and-groove system to lock together. They rely on their own weight to hold back the earth behind them. Each block in a residential design weighs approximately one tone and covers about five feet of wall space. Gravity walls provide several advantages in a residential application.

Build in tight spaces

Gravity block walls are a popular choice for residential subdivisions, storm channels, or shorelines where real estate is limited. They can reach up to 17 feet tall without reinforcing geogrid. In a situation where your space is limited by a steep, hilly area, the gravity wall can be used to add to the area of level ground to make it more usable. They are also popular for roadways and bridges because they do not impose on right-of-way areas.


Basic engineering principles ensure the stability of gravity walls. The wet-cast and air-entrained construction of the cement blocks ensures they can withstand decades of freezing and thawing in any seasonal environment. Once placed, the sheer size and weight of the wall provides stability and durability to last a lifetime. Gravity walls are extremely safe and require no maintenance.


Gravity wall blocks can be designed in a variety of styles. The stone finish looks beautiful and natural. Gravity walls can be used on stairs, corners, or curves. They can be stained any color to match your style.

Easy Installation

While the blocks are massive, they require no mortar, pins, and minimal labor. They simply stack together using a patented system that is easily placed with machinery. Installation is quick, too. There are no pins to set and no mortar to dry. All the equipment necessary for installation is readily available to general contractors, as well.

Gravity walls are a completely reliable, cost-effective solution for a variety of applications. Harper precast works closely with each customer to design, engineer, and install the perfect gravity wall for the situation. We use only the best equipment and materials to provide you with the most versatile, resilient, and efficient concrete solutions available.