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Just like your house, a solid mailbox begins with a solid foundation. Typical mailbox posts are susceptible to damage from wind, rain, hail, snow, and teenagers looking for some after-hours entertainment. But solid concrete mailbox pillars provide stability, safety, and elegance that enhances your property.

If you’ve ever seen a mailbox dented, dinged, or falling over, it is easy to understand how important it is to have a solid mailbox design. The early weekends of spring and summer create the perfect atmosphere to tackle outside projects because the warm weather and longer days make it easy to get the job done fast and easy without the additional worry of dipping temperatures or rain and snow problems. Get the whole family involved and give your property a facelift.

The same precast concrete wall panels used for fencing treatments and wall posts can be used to create beautiful and elegant mailbox designs to complement your property. Our mailbox columns are poured into a seamless, vertical mold, so the texture is never interrupted. Our technology ensures there are no sloppy edges which is common on molds poured using the traditional flat method. Cutting corners on a mailbox project leaves the final result lacking that professional finish you are looking for. The color, texture, and cap of your mailbox pillar can be customized to match your home and/or existing fence.

You may think that you have to build a brick mailbox pillar to match your brick home, but we create concrete molds that look and feel like real brick, but are actually made up of precast panels professionally imprinted and colored to look like brick. Concrete posts are stronger and require less maintenance than any other material. It is environmentally friendly, economic, and able to handle outdoor elements without showing any signs of wear for decades.

Steel mailboxes are designed to last as long as the concrete they are surrounded with, so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion around the mailbox itself. In addition, newspaper slots, boxes, or even package receptacles can be built into the front or back to give you a customized option to keep your daily deliveries safe. Top off our column with an elegant cap, and even the most basic mailbox adds an attractive accent to your home’s architecture.